Chicago isn’t the only city that will be known for the wind!

Mayors along the coastal states are looking to protect their cities from the harsh effects of climate change. They are turning to safe, reliable renewable energy to address climate change, provide job opportunities, save money on energy and protect local wildlife.

The African American Mayors Association (AAMA) has used its platform to push for more climate-resilient communities, Mayor Sylvester Turner, President of AAMA is hoping that Houston can lead the way.

“The emphasis is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more resilient environment,” Turner said.

As the country moves toward a cleaner and greener approach to meeting its energy needs, offshore wind energy has been offered as one of many solutions.

What is offshore wind energy?

Offshore wind power or offshore wind energy is the energy taken from the force of the winds in the ocean, turned into electricity, and supplied into the electricity network onshore.

A few benefits to offshore wind energy:

To check out more reasons why offshore wind energy is beneficial to our country, read the National Wildlife Federation’s blog Offshore Wind Power: America’s Golden Opportunity.

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