What a way to end the week!  On Friday afternoon, the Maryland Senate passed the Offshore Wind Energy Act by a vote of 30 to 15.  This was the biggest hurdle facing this clean energy policy – and we cleared it!

The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act establishes a market-driven process to incentivize the construction of ocean-based wind turbines 10 miles or more off the coast of Ocean City. By investing in appropriately-sited offshore wind, Maryland is seizing the opportunity to make our electricity supply cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable.  Advancement of the Offshore Wind Energy Act ensures protection of the state’s critical natural resources while helping Maryland meet its energy needs.

For nearly 3 years, the National Wildlife Federation has partnered with local conservation, faith, and civic organizations through the Maryland Climate Coalition striving to build momentum and support for the rapid, responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources.  This effort was made possible through individuals across the state who collected more than 10,000 petition signatures, made hundreds of phone calls, sent handwritten letters, and attended town hall meetings and rallies. We join our Maryland partners – and offshore wind advocates along the coast – in celebrating this Win for Offshore Wind.