Of the more than sixty offshore wind power projects spinning in the world’s oceans, not one of them is in American waters. Rhode Island has an exciting opportunity to lead the nation toward this new clean energy frontier.

As residents and visitors (especially those arriving by sea) of the Ocean State know particularly well, there is serious power in the winds blowing off New England’s shores.  A proposal for an offshore wind power pilot project off the coast of Block Island could set an important precedent, both by inspiring other coastal states to tap into this rapidly growing industry, and  by showing Congress  that offshore wind power is worthy of investment.

Upcoming Hearing on Rhode Island Offshore Wind Power

Block Island sailors celebrate world class offshore wind (flickr/Robin Skibo-Birney)
Block Island sailors celebrate world class offshore wind (flickr/Robin Skibo-Birney)
Rhode Island’s leaders need to hear strong local support for offshore wind power—and local residents have been demonstrating their support in person at public meetings and hearings!

The next hearing will be with Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management:

Wednesday, December 11 // 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Narragansett Town Hall Assembly Room
25 Fifth Avenue, Narragansett, RI 02882

Email us at info@nwa.org to let us know if you can attend!

By attending the hearing, you can help  the Ocean State rise to the challenge of climate change by bringing clean, offshore wind energy to Rhode Island.  Climate change  threatens our wildlife, coastlines, and communities with extreme storms and rising ocean levels.

We need your help delivering an important message to decision-makers:

  • Responsibly-sited offshore wind power – such as the Block Island Wind Farm – is critical for protecting Rhode Island’s people and wildlife from the dangers of climate change. Rhode Islanders are proud to lead the nation in pursuit of this next clean energy frontier for America.
  • Offshore wind energy can and must be pursued in an environmentally responsible manner to protect our treasured marine wildlife—and the Block Island Wind Farm does just that, thanks to years of scientific and public input through Rhode Island’s precedent-setting Ocean Special Area Management Plan (SAMP) to identify appropriate locations for wind energy development.
  • Now is the time to move forward with clean, renewable, home-grown power for the Ocean State! Let your leaders know that Rhode Islanders look forward to benefiting from cleaner air and water, less climate-disrupting pollution, significant economic development opportunities, and a diversified energy portfolio that will lead to lower and more stable electricity rates.

 “Rhode Islanders should be proud of the strong, enduring commitment by its state leaders and federal Congressional delegation to advance solutions to climate change. The Ocean State is not only uniquely vulnerable to climate impacts, it is also uniquely positioned to lead the nation in ushering in a critical new clean energy source for America. Now more than ever, America must get serious about advancing clean energy if we are to protect our communities and wildlife from the dangers of climate change.”

Catherine Bowes, NWF Senior Manager for Climate & Energy

Email us at info@nwa.org to let us know if we will see you there!

If you cannot attend the hearings, but would like to be more involved, please email us at info@nwa.org and our local organizers will follow up with more ways to get involved.