It may have been freezing cold, but that was not going to stop us offshore wind power supporters with an important message to deliver! Yesterday, the National Wildlife Federation joined more than 50 diverse state, regional, and national groups in delivering a letter to Mayor de Blasio calling for offshore wind power to play a key role in meeting his bold renewable energy goals. Over 150 of us rallied on the steps of City Hall – equipped with homemade wind turbines – to ensure that our call for leadership rang through loud and clear.

We heard from leaders in the environmental community and local officials — all who share a passionate determination to see New York seize the massive opportunity waiting off its shores. We heard about the immense job creation benefits offshore wind power will bring, the improvements in local air quality to which it will contribute, and the great stride it will make towards reaching a responsible energy future and combating the urgent threat of climate change.

National Wildlife Federation's Catherine Bowes shares why responsibly sited offshore wind power is critical for protecting wildlife from climate change. Photo: NWF
The National Wildlife Federation’s Catherine Bowes shares why responsibly sited offshore wind power is critical for protecting wildlife from climate change. Photo by NWF

“New York City can no longer afford to ignore the golden opportunity of offshore wind power. We need Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo, and the federal government to take swift action to launch offshore wind power for New York at the scale necessary to spark massive job creation, reduce local air pollution, and protect wildlife and communities from the dangers of climate change.” — Catherine Bowes, Senior Manager, the National Wildlife Federation

Mayor de Blasio has set a goal of cutting carbon emissions 80% by 2050, and he has made New York the largest city in the world to commit to powering 100% of city operations with renewable energy. Offshore wind power must play a significant role in reaching such important goals. The Mayor’s office, represented at the rally by Office of Sustainability Director Nilda Mesa, accepted the letter, thanked the crowd, and agreed that offshore wind power ought to be part of New York’s energy equation.

Team NWF snaps one more
Team NWF snaps one more photo before running inside to thaw out! Photo by NWF
NWF is proud to stand with a long list of organizations in New York and all along the Atlantic Coast calling for leadership to unleash a massive clean energy solution held at bay for far too long. Now is the moment for the United States to reap the rewards of bringing a booming international industry to our stained coastal energy markets. Together we can achieve a sustainable energy future that benefits communities and wildlife.

Thank you to everyone who continues to add their voice to the pursuit of offshore wind power — yesterday’s rally was an inspiring testament to the great progress we’re making!

Call on your Governor to lead on offshore wind power!