America’s first and only offshore wind turbines – the Block Island Wind Farm. Photo by NWF

On Friday, June 30th, Massachusetts will take a nationally unprecedented step forward for clean energy. Offshore wind power developers holding leases more than ten miles off the coast of the Commonwealth will be formally invited to submit bids for projects large enough to replace retiring nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Under the requirement of the energy bill signed into law last summer, Massachusetts will consider the competitive bids before selecting one or multiple projects to generate enough clean, local power for more than 125,000 homes.

With America’s first offshore wind power project now up and running – the five-turbine Block Island Wind Farm – it’s time to take this resource to the next level and catch up to the nearly three decades of progress overseas. Massachusetts is on track to lead the way.

“The national significance of this moment cannot be overstated. Our most abundant, home-grown, clean energy resource will soon be delivering cleaner air, cleaner water, and quality jobs to the Commonwealth, all while helping protect communities and wildlife from climate change. We urge Massachusetts’s leadership to maintain this critically important momentum toward the clean energy future within reach.”

– National Wildlife Federation Senior Manager, Catherine Bowes

Sea turtles benefit from responsibly developed clean energy sources like offshore wind power. Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Cindy Messinger

The National Wildlife Federation has long supported offshore wind power as a clean energy solution capable of rising to the daunting scale of our climate challenges. We work closely with developers and government officials to ensure that the highest standards of wildlife protection are in place every step of the way. With Massachusetts’s leadership and states like New York and Maryland close behind, we can finally begin to realize the many untapped environmental, public health, and economic benefits of offshore wind power.

There is a long way to go, but Friday’s milestone is worth celebrating. It’s also worth replicating all along the coast! Visit our website to learn the status of offshore wind power in each coastal state and to get involved in our efforts to launch this wildlife-friendly energy resource to its full potential (creating thousands of high-quality jobs along the way!).

Everyone else, please take just a minute to send an email to your Governor urging them to advance offshore wind power for your state! Click the button below to add your voice!


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wpengine • June 29, 2017